You want Americans to vote Communist, CPUSA?

My politics can be summarized as the side effect of free time. It’s a weird mix of monarchism, classical anarchism, and economic populism. So this is coming from an outsider simply observing, and advising.

Inspired by Haz’s video about this article

I’ll start out with a warning for the CPUSA. Appealing to the urban liberal, and bourgeois social democrats is a death sentence. The small town, and rural working class is your golden ticket. Do not shame them for their cultural ideals or way of life.

The so-called socialists that do it fail to understand why Trump won. You cannot win popular support by trying to guilt trip people. Let the Democrats continue to do that. You can do better!

Trump’s victory was secured in the Clinton era, and by the Democratic party breaking up with small town America. NAFTA, and neglect gave you Trump.

Communism with American Characteristics: The Communism of the CPUSA must be distinctly American to it’s core. Look to Hamiltonian Economics, Daniel DeLeon, Huey Long, Caleb Maupin and Earl Browder. That’s what you want to look to for a future vision.

Bernie Sanders gained a lot of popularity, and then kissed the capitalist ring. He’s weak, and inspires weakness. You will not be a relevant force by embracing that way of thinking.

Opposition to Gun control & Income tax: On the grounds that it’s anti-working class. Karl Marx believed that the working class should be armed. The income tax is harmful because it’s robbing the workers of the fruits of their labor. Making it harder for them to support themselves, and start families.

Universal Basic Income: It should be funded by vice taxes, and a state run crypto mining corporation. Taxes on alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and marijuana will contribute to UBI. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot will be mined for sale to the masses worldwide. Giving each American a monthly payment of 2,200 a month. Liberating them from dependence on bad employers & romantic partners.

Migration, disease control, and justice: Migration helps the spread of deadly disease. Covid-19, Bubonic Plague, and Small Pox have shown the dangers of unrestricted migration. Therefore tourism, legal, and illegal migration must be strictly monitored.

The horrific actions of American capitalists has negatively impacted Latin America, and Haiti. In order to atone for this, and give these people better opportunities at home. America should invest in the infrastructure of these nations. Better schools, sanitation, hospitals, and factories for them to run. So they can pursue their dreams without making a journey to a strange land.

Abandon any anti-theistic sentiment: This should be obvious. But you’re not going to win people over with atheism. Faith is an integral part of the human condition. It’s never going away.

Elections: In the early stages the primary point of running for Governor is marketing. The primary focus should be local elections.

Tiktok & Instagram: Interact with influencers, and young users.

NASA, Space Force, and technology: True innovation has been lagging for a bit. We must look to fiction for inspiration. Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dune. The 20th century saw the USSR & USA bringing humanity to new heights. The 21st century has been nothing but gadgets & hair dye.

Tower Towns & forest preservation: As the population of the country grows. Animals are at risk of being displaced from their home. Forests must be protected not destroyed. Tower Towns that are earthquake resistant, and capable of holding 30,000 people are the solution.

Final suggestion: Denounce the anti-masculinity narrative promoted by liberals.


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